1) Forming an efficient research team of linguists and optimizing their work environment:
a) A qualitative shift from a group of individuals to a systematically cooperating team of linguists and optimization of their working environment.
The project allows us to: create a platform for team work, increase academic skills of team members (participation in workshops, conferences, and training), establish interdisciplinary communication, increase organizational skills of team members (writing grant applications, organizing joint projects).
b) Coordinated linguistic research based on the joint research programme.
The project allows us to:  provide mutual supervision of research outputs (regular reports and peer reviewing within the team).
c) Integration of the team in the research field.
The project allows us to: support active participation in conferences, found and organize a regular conference on liguistics.
2) Increasing the academic potential and research productivity of students:
a) Enhancing linguistic research in the curricula.
The project allows us to: innovate methodological courses and courses with a research potential, motivate talented students to enrol in graduate linguistics programs, involve students in the research activities of the team.
b) Supporting students’ research.
The project allows us to: create the position of a research assistant, support students’ active participation in conferences.